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Padmashree Balkrishna Doshi is recognised among the top contemporary architects of the world. Recipient of several international and national awards, his vision of architecture, contribution as an institution builder and an academician helped mould many generations of young architects who now pioneer new directions in post-independence architecture in India.

I have always believed in the adage What Bengal thinks today, India will think tomorrow. Bengal's thinkers have helped place India on the world map of culture, arts and sciences. Today, as we approach Upohar-The Condoville, our newest gift to the city of Kolkata, I am proud to have an opportunity in continuing this tradition.

Upohar, a planned neighbourhood nestled in greens, punctuated with works of art. I congratulate Bengal Ambuja for reiterating their mission and dream. My colleagues and I are glad to be part of it.

Kolkata is a fascinating city that has always nurtured a long standing tradition of art and culture. It was Kolkata's serene coexistence with the bounties of nature and traditional culture that inspired us to design Upohar...the perfect enclave for the Renaissance man.

We designed Upohar after taking into consideration the benign elements of nature's cool breeze breeze, fresh air and lots of sunshine. We appreciate your need for personal space, and accordingly, have limited the number of apartments in Upohar. I am happy Bengal Ambuja took up the cause and readily supported our concept.

Unlike other highrise constructions, Upohar will not offer you an apartment in a block of apartments, but a home in the truest sense of the word.

To Upohar and a beautiful home!

Balkrishna Doshi
Architect Architectural Vision
July 2011
Vastu Shilpa Consultants